We offer five large scale CNC Routers supported by advanced CAD Cam software to cover all of your CNC Machining and CNC Tooling needs.

All machines have been manufactured to our own specifications and include full remote monitoring and diagnostic systems.  Our largest machine, a CMS Poseidon 5 axis at 13 x 5 x 2.5m with 162.5m3 capacity & 16 tool ATC is one of the largest machines in the UK.  Our second machine, a CMS Antares 5 axis, at 2.6 x 1.6 x 1.2m with 5m3 capacity & 8 tool ATC.

We can work from your designs and 3D CAD models, or designs and drawings we’ve produced in consultation with you.  We can provide CAD models for you to approve.  By using 3D laser scanning, which generates the necessary CAD data, we can also work from any physical object you provide.

With near unlimited CNC Machining capabilities we offer basic profiling of sheet materials through to full CNC Machining of complex pattern and tooling equipment as well as 3D forms and prototypes, to tolerances of just 0.25mm.

We can produce individual letters, motifs or any special CNC machining for inclusion in your own existing moulds or in any of the moulds we make for you.

Manufacturing to exacting aerospace specification while operating at incredible speeds, we also use our our CNC Routers to produce tooling, one-off samples and multiple production runs in wood, resin and composite model board materials for the automotive, marine, renewable energy, aerospace and defence industries.

To achieve the ultimate seamless surface for tooling we have embraced the seamless modelling paste method of manufacturing tooling.

Using Epoxy based pastes through our own application machine ensures we can respond to projects immediately and not be reliant upon the availability of application machines.

Using Expanded Polystryrene as a cost effective and stable substrate and following good practice of controlled post curing ensures we achieve stable and consistent surfaces for machining and finishing.

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