Sometimes you need to cast concrete in-situ, perhaps because transporting finished units would be impractical or because your site is inaccessible. Our Shutters can be tailored to your precise specifications and to meet the specific challenges of your site.

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Our specialist Timber Shutters are manufactured by our team of Timber Mould makers and delivered directly to your site for in-situ cast structures.

Although you will be casting on site, we manufacture your Timber Shutters in our factory environment, so that we can maintain tighter control over both accuracy and quality than might be achievable if the Timber Formwork were to be produced on site.

We can manufacture Timber Shutters to your own designs and drawings or we can offer our own design input which can include CAD drawings and 3D computer generated models produced on our CNC Router, to ensure that there are no surprises on site.

Like our Timber Shutters, Patterns & Moulds specialist GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) formwork and GRP shutters are expressly designed for in-situ casting of concrete structures.

Steel members fabricated to the contour of the Shutters and fully bonded into the GRP offer additional strength and rigidity to our GRP Formwork. These steel members also enable us to weld lifting and propping brackets directly to our GRP shutter for ease of use. Additionally, we can supply full access and working platforms should you require them.

Our GRP Formwork can be used either independently or in conjunction with proprietary formwork systems to meet your bespoke specifications while keeping costs down.

Manufactured to individual customer’s designs, our GRP Void Formers offer the solution for casting in- situ rib slab floor decks.

For additional rigidity, our GRP Trough & Void Formers come with integral plywood diaphragms which are pre-drilled for retaining the formers to the false work system.

For easy construction and to keep your costs down, our GRP Void Formers can be readily used in conjunction with any of the proprietary formwork systems on the market today.

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