Some clients come to us with finished designs and precise specifications.  Others have only an idea of what they are trying to achieve and a rough sketch.

Our in-house Design and Drawing team can collaborate with you at any stage to take your idea and create a 2D or 3D CAD drawing.  Using Solidworks Software with access to 4 seats, including Finite Element Analysis FEA and simulations to ensure our moulds structural integrity.   We can take your design and produce a scale model on one of our state of the art CNC Routers or produce a rapid prototype part in SLA, SLS or plastic sheet lamination 3D printing technologies.

One of the clear benefits of getting the input of our in-house team is their familiarity with production techniques.  Their vast experience of what works and what can cause problems in production means they can identify potential costly errors at design stage and eradicate these long before you go into production.

Our IT systems with networked infra structure and secure remote access , are resilient and capable of dealing easily with the transfer of secure files as so often we are dealing with sensitive and secure information.

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