Halfway through 2020 !

Its only when you stop and pause for a moment that you realise we are half way through 2020, and what a 6 months its been the excitment of a New Year and the fresh and exciting challenges that will come. we smoothly glided our way into feburary as we headed to the end of that month things were happening around the world and within weeks the realisation that what was happening was going to change everything we new as ” normal ” .
Then Lockdown ….. The P & M family took a break as we stayed safe at home.
After a five break we were all back, distanced by 2 metres and only a few collegues to have a break with, rather than us all being together, is odd when some have had lunch with each other everyday for over 25 years! This is our new normal and we have embrassed it Cleaning . spraying , sanitising and distancing to work safely. No one knows how long we will be working in this way but here at
P & M we will continue to do what we do best producing quality products for our customers.

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