Chester Racecourse

The new entrance canopy at Chester Racecourse needed to be cast using lightweight high strength ‘Ductal’. This material requires accurate grout tight moulds. 3 separate units were needed, 2 large relatively flat panels and 1 central curved ‘Gullwing’ unit.

The 2 flat units were cast from a mould we’d previously manufactured for the client. The curved central part from a bespoke manufactured CNC machined mould refaced in GRP to give a seamless smooth surface.

The Ductal material allows panels to be cast thinner than normal, offering structural advantages. Large thin panels can be cast to span longer distances unsupported.

Through our commitment to lean manufacturing, P&M provided a 3D model of the design for all the moulds, minimising waste material and keeping CNC machining time to a minimum, ensuring the required level of strength & rigidity is maintained within the mould and it remains useable and fit for purpose.

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